Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Approach to Healthy Skin

By Ted A. Grossbart, Ph.D. and Carl Sherman, Ph.D.

Published by Health Press NA Inc.

Publication Date: 1992

ISBN 9780929173115

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 266


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1. Verlagswerbung: "Dermatology has made remarkable strides in recent decades, with the advent of high-tech aids such as lasers and cryosurgery and new wonder drugs such as steroids and vitamin A derivatives; thus, many skin sufferers have been cured by their physicians.

Yet many have not. If you have brought your persistent eczema, your stubborn warts, your psoriasis or other distressing skin ailment, or even your recurrent herpes to specialists and superspecialists, and if all the creams, lotions, and medications have failed to help, you must wonder if there is something else—and ardently hope that there is. This is exactly what Drs. Grossbart and Sherman have addressed in Skin Deep: A Mind/Body Program for Healthy Skin."


2. Presse-Reviews:

"An expert in how emotions affect skin, the tools of [psychologist Ted Grossbart's] trade are the powers of his patients' own minds—positive imaging, relaxation, even hypnosis." — Harper's Bazaar

"Grossbart teaches techniques that patients can use to relax themselves under stress. He shows them how to take their attention away from pain or itching. And he tries to give patients insight into the causes of their symptoms, so they can dispel them consciously." — Psychology Today


"They eyes are windows to the soul, a poet has said. Its truth has seldom been disproven. The skin, our most extensive organ, also speaks volumes about that is happening within the body and often cries out for attention in various manifestations." — Nutrition Health Review


From Publishers Weekly:
"If you've ever blushed, you know how easily your skin reflects your emotions. For those with persistent skin problems, this book may bring welcome relief. The authors—Grossbart is a clinical psychologist and Sherman a medical science writer—apply "a principle both ancient and often forgotten: The mind and body are one." In addition to suggesting a visit to a dermatologist, they recommend a combination of techniques, including relaxation, imaging, hypnosis and psychotherapy, to help readers understand hidden conflicts that may cause or intensify their skin problems. They also illuminate the complex role that long-term skin problems, such as herpes, warts or psoriasis, play in the lives of those afflicted. This should be required reading for anyone suffering with a skin problem. The authors do an excellent job translating psychological jargon."
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From School Library Journal:
"Grossbart and Sherman offer a how-to manual of psychological exercises and techniques that, when combined with dermatological care and, possibly, psychotherapy, have proven effective in curing or putting into remission a number of skin diseases resistant to traditional medical care. Brief case histories enliven the text, and there is concrete advice both on how to go about getting professional help and on what to do when it is your child who has a skin problem. Essential for anyone with a stubborn skin disease, this book is also recommended for other readers interested in the relationship between mind and body."

John Moryl, Yeshiva Univ. Lib., New York
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